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Plastering Edinburgh - 5 tips for everyone

What many people do not know is that plastering is a form of art. It is one the most important job in building the house with smooth walls and ceilings. Plastering gives a fine look to all houses and can be done perfectly only by professional and experienced plasterers. For houses in Edinburgh plastering of the walls and ceiling is done by the plasterer Edinburgh who is both skilled and experienced as well as has the ability to take work in diverse work conditions.

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As said earlier plastering is an art and is a no easy job. In plastering Edinburgh of walls and ceilings plasterer Edinburgh follows a detailed procedure with a lot of care and eye for detail.

Some of the general plastering tips are:

The first tip and step of plastering is to prepare the surface by ensuring that it is not wallpapered, dusty, damp or uneven because the plaster will not adhere to such surfaces. If there is any dust, wallpaper or existing plaster the surface must be treated with a mix made of PVA glue and water.


The second is mixing of plaster the right way. For mixing always the plaster should be added to fresh water and not water to plaster. It should have the right consistency and be lump free. To know the mix is right a stick should stand in it.


The third tip is to plaster surface quick with right timing as all stages of plastering from application of plaster coats to dry and wet towelling and to final polishing all need to be done within a time frame.


The fourth important tip is to always clean while plastering because even a small amount of dirt or any other contamination can spoil the whole plaster mix which in turn can set the plaster or chip off. So it is recommended to keep the area of plastering work clean and neat.


The last tip is to never over polish at the final stage of plastering as paint on the highly polished surface can peel off at some places while stick at other places which will ruin all the plaster.

Finally, For plastering Edinburgh houses look the best, all these plastering tips are followed by professional plasterer Edinburgh.


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